Our Projects

St Clair Redevelopment

Client: AV Jennings JV
Superintendent: Wallbridge & Gilbert

  • Stage 1 Precinct 2
    Date: August 2012
    Project Duration: 48 Weeks
    Project Value: $2,760,000
  • Stage 1 Precinct 3
    Date: June 2013
    Project Duration: 39 Weeks
    Project Value: $2,110,000
  • Stage 2 Precinct 4
    Date: March 2014
    Project Duration: 26 Weeks
    Project Value: $540,000
  • Stage 1 Precinct 4
    Date: June 2014
    Project Duration: 52 Weeks
    Project Value: $2,150,000
  • Stage 1 Precinct 6
    Date: August 2014
    Project Duration: 87 Weeks
    Project Value: $4,360,000

Total St Clair redevelopment project cost: $11,927,000

Brief description:

Redevelopment of the old Cheltenham Racecourse site including commercial & residential precincts. Works incorporated significant bulk earthworks, remediation of contaminated soils, installation of all underground services including deep sewer in groundwater conditions, part wetlands formation, and landscaping.


Goolwa North Channel & Baronet Street: Stormwater Upgrade


Date: June 2012
Project Duration: 16 Weeks
Client: Alexandrina Council
Superintendent: Alexandrina Council
Project Value: $644,000
Brief Description:
This drainage channel upgrade included the excavation and removal of over 35,000 tonnes of material, installation of large reinforced concrete box culverts under the roadway, extensive gabion and mattress rock structures, and construction of a deep stormwater drainage network in groundwater conditions.
Sensitive heritage burial sites were managed and carefully protected throughout the project.


Dutchman Drive / Cove Road: Roundabout Reconstruction


Date: July 2012
Project Duration: 7 Weeks
Client: City of Marion
Project Value: $313,000
Brief Description:
Reconstruction of an existing roundabout at the intersection of Dutchman Drive and Cove Road. The project involved extensive demolition and the construction of new pavements, kerbing, footpaths and lighting whilst maintaining high traffic volumes incorporating major bus route.

Key stats:
  • High traffic volumes

Mitcham Reserve Car Park


Date: July 2011
Project Duration: 3 Weeks
Client: City of Mitcham
Project Value: $85,000
Brief Description: 3 Weeks
Reconstruction of a sealed car park previously unsealed for the City of Mitcham including provision for future lighting, kerbing, heritage style fencing and bin enclosures.


Flagstaff Hill Tennis Courts


Date: August 2011
Project Duration: 4 Weeks
Client: City of Onkaparinga
Project Value: $186,000
Brief Description:
Redevelopment of two existing tennis courts due to pavement failure caused by poor sub grade material typical of the area. Works included complete replacement of pavement and sub-grade material up to 1 meter in depth. Geogrid and geofabric was installed in the pavement layers prior to resurfacing and the project was finished with new lighting and chainmesh fencing.


Alfred Street: Road Reconstruction


Date: July 2013
Project Duration: 52 Weeks
Client: City of Charles Sturt
Project Value: $707,500
Brief Description:
DML were engaged by the City of Charles Sturt to undertake a complete reconstruction of Alfred Road, West Croydon. The project involved a full depth pavement replacement as well as reconstruction of all kerbing, footpaths, driveways, and pram ramps.
Significant traffic management controls were implemented to maintain vehicular and pedestrian traffic as well as driveway access to all affected residents.
Some sections of sub-grade were identified to contain contamination, therefore requiring a geotechnical presence on excavation and appropriate measures to ensure the safe handling, transport and disposal to a licensed facility.


Marden Connect Precincts 1 & 2


Date: June 2016
Project Duration: 41 Weeks
Client: Qattro
Project Value: $2,572,000
Brief Description:
Redevelopment of a former SA Housing Trust site to a modern medium density residential community comprising of both torrens and community title precincts.
The project involved the removal of existing underground services and structural footings as well as remediation of over 5000m3 of un-controlled fill prior to preparation of allotments to bench level.
Underground service installation incorporated a 186m live water main relay to replace an existing 100mm dia. AC main, requiring careful planning to ensure supply was maintained to residents serviced by the main.
Further works included block paved and asphalt pavements, concrete kerbing, exposed aggregate footpaths, and concrete sleeper retaining walls.
DML worked closely with the client throughout the project to deliver all civil works alongside housing construction and reduce the overall build time of the precinct.


UniSA Magill Lighting


Date: August 2015
Project Duration: 20 Weeks
Client: University of South Australia
Project Value: $261,360
Brief Description:
Installation of upgraded public lighting in several carparks and thoroughfares at UniSA’s Magill campus to improve public safety and campus security.
The project required DML to install 29 pole mounted public lights, including trenching, conduit and service pit installation for underground electrical reticulation.
DML partnered with UniSA to deliver the project quickly and with minimal impact to students and staff of the university.


Riverstone, Lockleys


Date: September 2016
Client: Brazzale Group
Project Value: $1,111,000
Brief Description: 48 Weeks
Riverstone is a high-end residential estate located in Lockleys, South Australia.
The project scope included the demolition of existing structures, installation of underground services, construction of roads and footpaths, and an extensive landscaping package.
Integral to the estate was a bio-filtration basin and several bio-filtration catchment pits designed for sustainable stormwater management.


Park link Devon Park


Date: November 2016
Project Duration: 44 Weeks
Client: Qattro
Project Value: $1,347,000
Brief Description:
Redevelopment of an existing commercial site to medium density residential development.
Works included a 115m live sewer main relay to replace an existing 150mm VC pipe in Alexander Avenue, requiring close collaboration with residents, council and SA Water.
A 96m3 underground tank was installed of on site stormwater detention and all allotments were serviced with new sewer, water, electrical, gas & communications infrastructure.
Roads and footpaths were completed with a combination of bitumen, block paved, and concrete pavements.
DML worked closely with the client to prepare a number of allotments early in the construction phase, enabling housing construction to commence whilst the remaining civil works were completed.


Webber Drive, Nairne Stage 1C


Date: January 2018
Project Duration: 22 Weeks
Client: Fyfe Engineers
Project Value: $1,346,000
Brief Description:
Located in Nairne, this greenfield residential development required excavation and placement of in excess of 20,000m3 of earth for formation of allotments, roadways and community reserves. Underground service installation included CWMS (community waste water management system), stormwater, water main, electrical & communications.
Further works included a 3m wide shared use trail including installation of public lighting, 106m of moss rock retaining walls and a large in-situ concrete stairway.